Bat species

Ring sizes for European bat species recommended by Eurobats. The ring sizes quoted represent the approximate internal diameter in mm of the oval at its widest point when the gap is closed to 1 mm. 2.9 mm rings are in the “narrow” design unless otherwise stated.

Scientific nameRing size
Taphozous nudiventris5.5 mm
Rhinolophus blasii2.9/4.2 mm
Rhinolophus euryale2.9/4.2 mm
Rhinolophus ferrumequinum4.2 mm
Rhinolophus hipposideros2.9 mm
Rhinolophus mehelyi2.9/4.2 mm
Barbastella barbastellus2.9 mm
Barbastella leucomelas2.9 mm
Eptesicus bottae2.9/4.2 mm
Eptesicus nilssonii2.9 mm
Eptesicus serotinus4.2/5.5 mm
Hypsugo savii2.9 mm
Myotis alcathoe2.9 mm
Myotis aurascens2.9 mm
Myotis bechsteinii2.9 mm
Myotis blythii4.2/5.5 mm
Myotis brandtii2.9 mm
Myotis capaccinii2.9 mm
Myotis dasycneme4.2 (3.5) mm
Myotis daubentonii2.9 mm
Myotis emarginatus2.9 mm
Myotis hajastanicus2.9 mm
Myotis myotis4.2/5.5 mm
Myotis mystacinus2.9 mm
Myotis nattereri2.9 mm
Myotis nipalensis2.9 mm
Myotis schaubi2.9/3.5 mm
Nyctalus lasiopterus5.5 mm
Nyctalus leisleri4.2/3.5 mm
Nyctalus noctula4.2/3.5 mm
Otonycteris hemprichii4.2 mm
Pipistrellus kuhlii2.9 mm
Pipistrellus nathusii2.9 mm
Pipistrellus pipistrellus2.9/2.4 mm
Pipistrellus pygmaeus2.9/2.4 mm
Plecotus alpinus2.9 mm
Plecotus auritus2.9 mm
Plecotus austriacus2.9 mm
Plecotus kolombatovici2.9 mm
Plecotus sardus2.9 mm
Vespertilio murinus4.2 mm
Miniopterus schreibersii2.9/4.2 mm
Tadarida teniotis4.2 mm

Rousettus aegyptiacus ringing is not appropriate and another marking technique will be identified.