As a Polish company and the producer of bird rings for The Ornithological Station, Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences we present a list of bird species and ring sizes used in Poland. The list is helpful for defining type and size of rings to use on similar bird species in other regions in the world.

Type (inner diameter; height)Material (form)Suitability
La (2.0; 5.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Ka (2.5; 5.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Na (2.8; 5.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Ns (2.8; 5.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Ja (3.3; 7.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Js (3.3; 7.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Ya (3.5; 3.5)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Ys (3.5; 3.5)Steel (split)Bird species
Yxa (3.8; 3.5)Steel (split)Bird species
Ta (3.8; 7.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Ts (3.8; 7.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Xxa (4.0; 4.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Ha (4.2; 7.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Hs (4.2; 7.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Ga (5.5; 8.5)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Gs (5.5; 8.5)Steel (split)Bird species
Pls (5.5; 10.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Xa (6.0; 5.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Fs (7.0; 8.5)Steel (split)Bird species
Fxa (8.0; 5.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Ea (9.0; 10.0)Aluminium (split)Bird species
Es (9.0; 10.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Ps (9.0 x 6.0; 6.0)Steel (with lock)Bird species
Da (11.0; 10.0)Aluminium (with lock)Bird species
Ds (11.0; 10.0)Steel (with lock)Bird species
Ws (12.0 x 22.0; 6.0)Steel (with lock)Bird species
Ca (13.0; 10.0)Aluminium (with lock)Bird species
Cs (13.0; 10.0)Steel (with lock)Bird species
Ss (13.5 x 8.0; 6.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Bxa (16.0; 20.0)Aluminium (with lock)Bird species
ELSA (16.0 x 21.0; 33.0)Steel (split)Bird species
Va (18,0; 20.0)Aluminium (rivet)Bird species
Aa (20.0 x 30.0; 20.0)Aluminium (with lock)Bird species
Axa (22.0; 28,0)Aluminium (rivet)Bird species

This is the official list published on 2021.06.14 by The Ornithological Station, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences.