Aranea is a manufacturer of metal rings for birds and bats.
We have been producing bird rings since 1990 and bat rings since 2008.

Our own experience in bird ringing, co-operation with bird ringers, talking into consideration our customers’ advices as well as continuous improvement in technology enable us to offer professional quality birds and bats rings and competitive prices for ringing schemes around the world.

Our rings are used in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America.

Bird rings

Rings of suitable size for birds. Made of aluminium or other lightweight material. Made to be attached to the bird’s leg. They have a unique number, and a contact address. The rings are very light, and are designed to have no adverse effect on the bird.

Bat rings

Rings of suitable size for bats. Putting uniquely numbered rings on wild bats to identify individuals is a long established technique associated with important bat research and monitoring. The rings are made from very light materials, and are designed to have no adverse effect on the bats.


As a Polish company and the producer of bird rings for The Ornithological Station, Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences we present a list of bird species and ring sizes used in Poland. The list is helpful for defining type and size of rings to use on similar bird species in other regions in the world.